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Please register, if you are corona virus recovered patient. For more info, click on Learn More.. Registering as Covid19 Plasma donor will require your phone number and state, After registering you will get details of Patient information(Name, Blood Group, Phone number), patient won't contact you, you need to contact them.(Note: Please don't miss use patient details and don't ask for money, Help the needy)

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If you want to become plasma donor, you need to understand some points:

  • They should be recovered from corona virus because in that way patient have more chances to be recovered fast by taking plasma of those persons
  • Donor should have recovered from corona virus at least 14 days before.
  • Their age should be between 18-60 yrs.
  • Any female who has got pregnant even once can't donate plasma.
  • If any patient is having asthma or cancer or sugar any other disease can't donate plasma.

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