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Name Position Info
Harshita Adlan President IIT Delhi, Msc. Chemistry
M.K. Mittal Member, Consultant, Former President DTU Alumni, M.Tech IT
Sachin Bhardwaj Member, Consultant, Former VP GGSIPU, Mtech IT
Gurdeep dutta Member, Consultant RKS Member Ambedkar Hospital,Delhi Government , MLA Representative of Sh. Mohinder Goyal Ji ( MLA , Rithala)
Aakansha Narang Volunteer GGSIPU, Btech CSE
Aman Jolly Volunteer DTU, PHD in CSE Dept., (Area Lead: DTU, KIET)
Yogesh Yadav Volunteer IIT Gandhinagar, MSc. Physics, (Area Lead: IIT Gandhinagar, Other IITs)

We are a non profitable organisation

Through our website, we are providing a platform where the patients who are in urgent need of plasma can contact for plasma donors in their nearbyareas. We stand with the nation in this pandemic and wish for everyone's safety and speedy recovery.

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